GoingFlex Outplacement Services

Show your employees and alums that you really care.

Our advantages

Uniquely designed for the current labor market and the future of work

Personalized Assessment

Personalized discovery assessment that identifies individuals’ skills profile, strengths and gaps with the help of a professional career coach.


Personalized learning plan that caters to the individual's unique learning needs with unlimited access to leading online learning library and resources such as Coursera.

Digital Talent Profile

We will help individuals set up their digital talent profile. Identify and market their skills and services to local and global clients, which help them avoid a resume gap.

Career Coaching

Dedicated 1:1 expert career coaching and support that will prepare your alums to be successful in navigating the future of work.

Pricing plans

Plans below are priced for 6-month duration.  Tiered volume discounts available in cart (up to 20% for more than 500 users)


$ 250 /person
  • Self-Discovery Assessment and Report
  • 45-min review with an experienced Professional Career Coach
  • PLUS
  • GoingFlex Digital Profile Setup
  • GoingFlex Basic Membership Plan
  • ($400 Value)


$ 500 /person
  • Basic Plan
  • PLUS
  • Access to ongoing 1:1 Coaching:
  • 3 sessions of 1:1 coaching with an experienced professional career coach (30-min/session)
  • GoingFlex Premium Membership Plan
  • ($700 Value)


$ 1000 /person
  • Basic Plan
  • PLUS
  • 6 sessions of 1:1 coaching with an experienced professional career coach (30-min/session)
  • GoingFlex Premium Plus Membership Plan
  • Unlimited access to leading online learning library (i.e. Coursera)
  • ($1500 Value)


Outplacement is a service offered to employees who have lost, or will be losing their job, to help them quickly find a new path. 

  • Supporting employees directly impacted by redundancy helps support a smoother transition for the employee and the business
  • Providing impacted employees with outplacement support helps ensure a positive relationship and decreases the risk of the organisation being spoken about in a negative way
  • Engagement of “surviving” employees is maintained as they see their colleagues treated well and know that if this were to happen to them, that they too would be supported.
  • Protecting the employer brand in this way shows potential new employees, clients and other stakeholders that the organisation values and supports its people thereby supporting talent acquisition and retention strategies

With the current labor market and the flexible work trend, traditional outplacement service could no longer satisfy your employees and alums needs, as a matter of fact, an estimated 40% of the employees will never use their outplacement services.

GoingFlex’s unique discovery assessment process helps professionals to obtain a holistic view of their life and career, and identify their complete skills profile, including those that might be under-utilized.

Our technology platform empowers professionals to setup their digital talent profile and help them sell their skills and services through GoingFlex’s professional service marketplace so they will have no resume gaps.

We also helps professionals to upskill through personalized learning plans as well as unlimited access to leading online learning resources to maximize individuals’ potential.

GoingFlex’s digital talent profile allows professionals to showcase sample project files, images, videos, social media profiles which provides more in-depth information regarding a professional’s skills than what  traditional resumes could offer.

Each GoingFlex digital talent profile is portable and accessible through a unique url link that professionals could share with anyone.

It is our proprietary assessment that identifies a professional’s passion, strength and opportunities, including those that they may have overlooked.  It is designed to maximize one’s potential and empower professionals to thrive in the future of work.

Yes.  Our tiered pricing is available once you add the desired products to cart.

Please access and fill out our client intake form on your order receipt page to get started. 

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