Detailed Guide for Flexers

A Flexer on GoingFlex is a professional who adopts a flexible mindset and work style, has one or many kinds of skills,  and offers a variety of expertise and services. A Flexer can be any of the following:

    • Professional/Expert in any fields
    • Consultant
    • Advisor
    • Counselor
    • Lawyer
    • Doctor
    • Artist
    • Designer
    • Intern
    • Service Provider
    • Independent Contractor
    • Small Business/solopreneur providing services or solutions
    • etc.

You can update your profile anytime by navigating the "Edit Profile" in your drop-down menu:

    1. Use a professional profile picture. First impression counts...a lot!
    2. Tagline: one sentence about you all your expertise
    3. Profile Summary: Highlight your value and uniqueness.
    4. Hourly Rate: You could leverage this rate calculator to estimate what you should be charging on an hourly basis.
    5. My Skills: Select as many as what your membership plan allows. These skill tags help connect you with the right opportunities more easily. Note: you will only be able to submit proposals for opportunities that match you skills.
    6. Social Profile: Your social profile can increase your trust factor, especially for those who didn't know you. You can add your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube url links in this section. Each added social profile will be added to your profile page that can be clicked through.
    7. Experience and Education: this section is optional if you have added your LinkedIn profile and if your LinkedIn profile has sufficient experience and education information.
    8. Projects: show'em what you've built/created recently.
    9. Awards/Certificates: these are especially important for expertise that typically require/prefer certain certificates.
    10. Profile Video: Videos are viewed 12 times more than images and texts.  Need we say more?
    11. Industry Experience: Industry specific experience do matter to some opportunities. Agree?

After you build your profile, you can then proceed to build your service offerings.

A service offering consists of a set of service commitments which uniquely defines the level of service in terms of availability, scope, deliverable and associated pricing. The more specific and clearly defined it is, the better the chance that your services will get sold. 


Service postings on GoingFlex work similarly to products posted on typical e-commerce or marketplace platform, where clients can purchase the service offerings by clicking a "Buy Now" button.


If you need any help to design service offerings that will maximize your unique value proposition, drop a line to us at [email protected].


It's easy peasy, just navigate to your top menu and click on "Sell a Service":

    1. Service Title: One sentence about what you will deliver.
    2. Delivery Time Frame: select one option from the drop-down menu on how soon you can deliver this service after the purchase.
    3. Service Price: the $ (USD) amount for your service. 
    4. Downloadable Service - Only select "Yes" if this is a digital file (report, checklist, template, image, video, audio etc.) that a client can download upon purchasing this service. Once you toggle this to "Yes", you will need to upload the digital file that you are selling.
    5. Add-on Services: these are "extras" that clients can add to the original service that they are purchasing.  
    6. Service Category: Select as many as what your services will fit into.
    7. Language Required: Is your service delivered only in certain languages? Select them here.
    8. Service Detail: Here is where you specify the scope and deliverable of your service that is related to the service pricing that you entered earlier.  Again, the more detailed it is, the better chance to get it sold. 
    9. Video Introduction: sometimes a video says it much better than words and images. If you have one associated with you/your service, post the link here.
    10. Featured Service: this option will only be available if you purchase Flexer Basic Plus or Flexer Pro plans. A featured service will always show up in front of other "un-featured" services.
    11. Your Location: You can either enter city/country information or a zip code to show from where you are offering the services.

GoingFlex performs a complimentary review on each service posting before it can be published to ensure quality. 

Sometimes, we will provide feedback and suggestion on your profile and service offerings. To make edits to existing services (including add-on services), please navigate to your drop-down menu under "Manage Services" - "Posted Services" or "Add-on Services", and click on the "Edit" icon.

Once your service has been approved and published, GoingFlex automatically publishes it across various social platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Now that your service is live, the URL link of your profile also becomes your "online service store" that can take orders from clients.  

If you receive a job alert or a job link that matches your skills, then you may choose to review it and submit a proposal.  A proposal demonstrates that you are interested in the job AND that you will be able to deliver the requirements within the required time frame and budget set by the client.  There might be other professionals bidding for the same job, so it is important to understand how to submit a good proposal:


  1. Proposal Amount: This should be the lowest amount that you are willing to work for the job, even if it might be higher than the budgeted amount.  Always remember lowest bid doesn't always win.
  2. GoingFlex charges a 10% platform fee (including credit transaction fee) for each transaction, which is one of the lowest among all flexible work platforms.
  3. Select the earliest completion time frame that you could deliver the job. It's better to promise less and over deliver.
  4. Proposal Detail: this is where you should spend most of your time. Focus on why you are the right candidate for the job and be specific on how you intend to deliver.
  5. Attachments: this should be the extension of your proposal details. If you send a professional initial plan/design specific for the job, your success rate would be much higher.

Once you have submitted a proposal, the client may send you inquiries through the platform and you can edit your proposal accordingly. 

Once both parties are happy with the proposal, it becomes a binding contract on GoingFlex.  Client will need to deposit the project amount into GoingFlex's secure escrow account to start engaging with you, ensuring you that you will get paid once you deliver the required work.

When you join GoingFlex, you are automatically assigned a 30-day trial account that allows you to post one service for freeNote: once your profile and service is approved and published, they are forever live even your trial account has ended.

Additionally, there are three paid membership  plans that you can upgrade to from your Dashboard - Check Membership Status - Update Plan:


  1. Flexer Basic
  2. Flexer Basic Plus
  3. Flexer Pro

Besides the differences in the number of service postings and proposals.  Flexer Basic Plus and Pro membership plans also include a "Feature" option so your listings are always going to rank high from search and filter results. Flexer Pro plan additionally provides built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service for your profile/service listing so people can find your service listing easily through search engine (e.g.: Google, Bing) keyword search.

Flex your work and hiring options with GoingFlex.

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