Wide-range of expertise

Management Consulting & Advisory

Independent Advisor, Strategy, HR, Payroll, Accounting, FP&A, BI, Audit, Risk Management, Project Management, Tax, Legal, etc.


Storytelling using various art forms such as drawing, design, music, audio, video, physical and digital art etc.

Software Design and Development

Web Design, Website Builders, Product Management, Development, QA, User Testing etc.


Digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, Public Relations, Podcast, Targeted Ads. etc.

Movies, TV, Shows

Talents and skill sets for the production of movies, tv, and shows

AI & Machine Learning

Bots,Data Mining, Data Science, Algorithms Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition,etc.


Talents and skill sets related to the design and production of video games

Writing & Translation

Talents that create magic with words, such as creative writing, technical writing, translation etc.

Beauty And Personal Care

Stylist, make up artist, dietitian, cosmetologist, hairdresser etc.

Travel and Transportation

Trip planners, tour guides, chauffeurs, drivers etc.

HR, Payroll, and Benefits

HR specialist, payroll processing, dispute resolution, compensation analyst etc.

Real Estate and Construction

Experts related to the design, development, improvement, and sales of real properties


Lead Management, Account Management,Business Development,Channel Management,Deal Negotiation and Closing etc.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Skills and expertise that will help you to get products made and delivered such as demand forecast, outsourcing, purchasing, shipping etc.

Financial Services

Private equity, M&A, venture capital, insurance, financial advisory, investment, retirement planning,loans, mortgage etc.

Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses, hospice workers, emergency technicians, trained caregivers etc.

Admin and Support

Office Manager, assistant, clerical support, receptionist, road runner etc.

Wellness & Fitness

Pros and services related to the mental and physical wellness of individuals

Clean Tech

Solar, electric vehicles, new mobility, smart buildings, clean water, agriculture, pollution solutions, and more.

Teachers, Tutors, & Educators

Pros and experts that teach knowledge and skills to others

Events and Catering

Event planning,catering, conferences, venue sourcing, theming, d├ęcor hire, sound, vision, entertainment, etc.

Telecoms & Media

IoT, New Devices & Technology, IPTV, Cloud Computing, LTE, WiMax, Connected TV, Pay TV, etc.


Biomedical, mechanical, chemical, electronic, process, instrument design, industrial, marine, environment, electrical engineering etc.

Agricultural Services

Vertical Farming, Indoor Farming, Crop Monitoring, Fishing, Feed, Plant-based Meat, Food Safety etc.

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