Business Trends and Ideas During Coronavirus and Beyond

Our team at GoingFlex has been analyzing business trends and ideas that will be likely here to stay during this uncertain time and beyond.  Based on these trends, we have identified the following in-demand services that you can post and sell through GoingFlex:

  • Online teaching of various classes via group video calls or pre-recorded sessions (could be classes for professional skills such as “Podcast Creation” or recreational skills such as fitness, drawing, music instrument etc.)
  • 1:1 or group virtual interview coaching (coaching people how to do virtual interviews)
  • Online story time for school age kids via group video calls
  • Social media marketing
  • Technical sales
  • 1:1 Mental health therapy virtual sessions
  • Tele-doctor consultation
  • Virtual mediation sessions
  • Data analysis
  • Online event and conference planning (i.e. setup and facilitate e-wedding ceremonies)
  • E-commerce store setup
  • Resume/cover letter editing/review
  • Financial/operations consulting/diagnostics for SMB owners which face liquidity challenges
  • Remote consulting of any expertise

Below is a list of collaboration/virtual meeting tools that you can leverage to conduct some of these virtual services:

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